La obra  INSIDEOUT es una instalación multimedia interactiva que formó parte de la exposición comisariada por flora&faunavisions bajo el título Night & Day, durante la Triennial Photography Hamburg.

Está realizada por  Leigh Sachwitz (flora&faunavisions) and Andi Toma (Mouse on Mars), diseño de Sonido. Leigh Sachwitz describe la exposición como una interacción entre la luz y la oscuridad, blanco y negro, sombras y contraste, todo esto inspirado por la naturaleza.

La instalación es una casa iluminada con luces LED en la que se reproducen diversos fenómenos climáticos extremos. Desde lluvias y tormentas, hasta conseguir sensación de calma y alivio, acudiendo a esta instalación se activarán todos tus sentidos.

No te pierdas el vídeo!

During the Triennial Photography Hamburg  between June 18th until June 28th,  took place a new exhibition  curated by flora&faunavisions and running under the title of “Night & Day”.

Leigh Sachwitz describes the exhibition as “an interaction between light and darkness, black and white, shadows and contrast and this is all inspired by nature” featuring two pieces: HERE NOW from the famous Irish artist Maser and the piece INSIDEOUT from Leigh Sachwitz herself. This year’s kick off exhibition is intimate and promotes contrast through placing both pieces directly next to each other.

INSIDEOUT | Leigh Sachwitz (flora&faunavisions) and Andi Toma (Mouse on Mars), Sound Design

At the OLYMPUS Photography Playground Leigh Sachwitz (flora&faunavisions) shows her newest 360° multimedia installation INSIDEOUT: The house as our sanctuary, a safe haven to hide from nature’s forces. Leigh Sachwitz invites you to experience the rain drumming hard on the roof, watching through the window seeing dark clouds stacking up in the night sky. As the protecting walls disappear into the moonlight and the thunderstorm reaches its climax we feel naked – but purified by the light.

The sound design was created by the award-winning composer, musician and producer Andi Toma, who is one of the founding members of the breakthrough electronic music collaboration Mouse on Mars.

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